Thursday, May 26, 2011

New title art

So I finished the new title art for this blog. I am a big fan of whales as you can see. Hope everyone is doing alright.-Mitch

Huge update!

It's time for a huge update so here it is.

This was my first project of the spring semester called Post-Questions. It's a tape cast of my body that I covered in post-it notes. Each note has a question on it. Some questions are serious like if God really exists to more comical questions like why did they cancel Fire Fly?

For my second project I created this costume of a steam-punk police officer that was from a city I created in my utopia class called Arkham ( I know Arkham is from Batman, I'll probably change it later) This project I got to create a ray gun, power pack, and goggles. I also got to wear my jump suit (yea it has two Aquabat A iron on patches on it, REPRESENT!) and my favorite hat. I really liked this project I got to learn how to lathe. I also visited a local junk yard to get some supplies. Junkyards are so cool!

My third project is called The Vhs 650 Tank, a tank made out of all vhs tapes with a wooden frame. This baby was for my float project where we had to make a float and then float on it at a local lake. Everyone said my tank wasn't going to float and it did! It floated until I went inside then it fell over. It was a really fun thing to do but I wish I could of kept it, but now it is in the garbage. Here is a link to the Kansas City Stars webpage where they filmed me falling over in the tank.( They just couldn't show it floating.)

My next project was my favorite for sure. I made a puppet and his name is Steve. He came out really well which I learned how to make professional grade puppets from a good friend at school.)

My last project was called Consumption. I tape casted my body and covered in red vines wrappings. I really liked this project and thought it turned out well.

I have some ceramic work I did but need to get those photos from a friend. Other then that I am drawing some new title art for this blog right now. I had an amazing year at kcai. I will blog more often for I have some time now and keep you guys updated on my life.-Mitch

Oh also to all my friends in tornado country try to not get hurt!